British Airways. A fall from grace

FullSizeRender.jpgFlying with budget airlines has become a lot more common over the last decade and as a result we now value “premium” airlines more. There are many reason why we value these airlines such as slightly more comfortable seats, the better service and the superior gate locations. However all these little perks aside there is one thing that I valued the most, which in my view is the flagship difference between budget and premium. That is when a little while after reaching cruising altitude a smiling stewardess offers me some drinks and  a snack. The quality of this “offering” varies between airlines, with British airways definitely serving more high end treats such as their delicious wraps with exotic ingredients that are preferable to the standard bag of crisps. Now for reasons unknown to me BA has decided to stop offering this complementary service on short haul flights (under 5 hours).

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The dawn of the Bus -The end of the train ?

FullSizeRender.jpgThere has been a revolution in Germany. For years trains have had a monopoly on travel, at least at distances where flying was inefficient or not available. As there was no real competitor the German train system has gotten inefficient and their prices shot sky-high unhindered by the lack of rivals. But this has drastically changed over recent years as there is a new player on the market. Flix Bus. This long distance bus operator is now carrying over 20 million passengers in Germany per year, with predictions going for over 25 million in the years to come. (After Flix Bus took over its biggest rival Postbus it now owns 90%+ of the bus market share). Over 45% of the passengers would normally travel by train and 30% would take the car. This is serious competition for the Deutsche Bahn as there are many advantages for travelling by bus. Continue reading “The dawn of the Bus -The end of the train ?”

Battle of the London Airports

Anybody who has ever flown into London has had to make a decision (or has had one made for him) that is which airport to fly to. I will leave out Gatwick for now and focus on Heathrow and Stansted. One of which I find rather pleasant the other I despise more than almost any other airport in the world.

Heathrow, not the easiest airport to access but there is a plus, the Heathrow express that goes every 15 minuets and takes only 15 minuets. I love the express, super comfy, lots of space, fast, quiet, there is wifi, there are plugs and it normally runs on time. Stansted Express on the other hand is a nightmare, it takes ages to reach central London and it has the quality of the midnight train from Bangalore to Mumbai. Not a good start for Stansted. Going to get your tickets in Heathrow is fairly comfortable, its not to difficult to go from terminal to terminal and everything is easy to find. It’s Ok, especially compared to that building site they call airport in the north of the city. Walking through Stansted makes you feel like you are walking through that Berlin airport they have been building for an eternity. Its dirty, everything is broken and it is simply not build well. Continue reading “Battle of the London Airports”

Don’t do this ! (unless you are Naples airport)

We all know the feeling – after busy time at the pre-gate Airport, queuing to get your ticket, queuing for passport control, having to take yourself and your luggage apart for the security screening and back together to finally go to the seating area there is often one last hurdle. A gruelling walk through Duty Free. Old airports like Newark, NJ thankfully don’t have this but I am afraid the trend is to included these forced walks through Duty free. Examples include the latest Heathrow terminal or some of Stansted’s terminals where there is no other way to go to your gate than through Duty free. And what a PAIN that is!

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