Don’t do this ! (unless you are Naples airport)

We all know the feeling – after busy time at the pre-gate Airport, queuing to get your ticket, queuing for passport control, having to take yourself and your luggage apart for the security screening and back together to finally go to the seating area there is often one last hurdle. A gruelling walk through Duty Free. Old airports like Newark, NJ thankfully don’t have this but I am afraid the trend is to included these forced walks through Duty free. Examples include the latest Heathrow terminal or some of Stansted’s terminals where there is no other way to go to your gate than through Duty free. And what a PAIN that is!

The belt is still undone hanging from your trousers, you are barely managing to hold on to your luggage and now have to find your way to the gate. Post security is bad enough on its own. But these genius Airport designers now force you to walk through miles of tight passageways filled with giant towers of overpriced candy that you will almost knock over and past sections where the Air is hardly breathable because of the stench of a thousand eau de toilettes. Not a nice experience.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Duty Free, but when I go I want to feel like a shopper in a nice secluded shop not like I am trying to purchase some m&m’s in the middle of a wildebeest migration in the Serengeti.

Now ignore all of this is you are from Naples, going there or have been there. After a spacious security control (so much space) you will enter a small Italien market town with a big cobbled road down the middle. Fresh lemons, buffalo mozzarella and amazing local hams that are displayed fill the air with a beautiful odour a million times better than those dreadful ally duty frees that smell like a teenage disco. Colours of yellow and green pave the way to the seating area make you forget that the liquids you had to unpack have fallen out of your Carry on. Plus once you have passed the market you will reach a seating area with large beige designer sofas instead of those black chicken coop seat rows. (little flaw – the “market” is rather expensive, but its an airport what did you expect.)



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