The Ides of March

Around 2000 years ago today Julius Ceaser left his home, even thought both a fortune teller and his wife warned him against doing so. Later that day Caesar was stabbed repeatedly by a group of republican Senators including his friend Brutus who delivered, or so the story goes, the final blow.
I on the other hand left my house this morning leaving with a sense of wonderment of what this journey will be like. Having packed and repacked my bag, checked and double checked my travel items I left my home late morning. 

The first part of my journey takes me from my home town Braunschweig to Frankfurt where I would stay the night at the home of my cousin. As there was no time pressure I decided to go for the cheap option and travel by Bus, the downside of that being that my journey was considerably longer (by around 2 hours) and that there was much less comfort.

I threw my backpack down in the luggage compartment and chose a seat, I adjusted the seat to suit my needs, got comfortable and buckled up. Suddenly I felt a violent tapping on my shoulder and as I turned around a around 60 year old Turkish Man in a leather jacket smelling of smoke looked at me with slight anger and I assumed that I was sitting on his seat (assumed because he couldn’t speak german and the hand gesture pointing away from the seat seemed to suggest so). I got up and prepared to move seat when the old lady who was sitting next to me protested. A chatty old lady who I had started a conversation with, that was now complaining about loosing someone she could tell about how she was visiting her daughter who lived in Kassel (assuming that she doesn’t speak Turkish). I explained to her that this man probably got off to have a smoke (or so I assumed from his smell) and came back to find his seat had now been taken. The bus was fairly full but I quickly found another seat.

The rest of the journey was somewhat uneventful, at every stop the bus got emptier so I managed to upgrade my seating situation steadily, during the final couple of hours of the journey I had taken claim to the two front seats that had extra legroom, a small table and a 180 degree vision. (As I was at the front I noticed that the driver would greet every bus driver, no matter where they where from or if they were driving a local, a school or a foreign bus. However he did not wave to a single lorry driver.)

Later that day I arrived at Frankfurt and on the way to town my cousins home I took a look at that big euro sign of the european central bank. I had seen so many photos of it in newspapers so it was interesting to see it in real life.

The remainder of the day was spend with my godfather and his family, which include his lovley wife and a curious little chap called Ferdinand who is turning 1 next month.


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